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Dove Double Width Toile

296 Dove Double Width Toile

This fabric is DOUBLE WIDTH but the pattern does not join
at the selvedge - please enquire if you need to join widths.
Suitable for curtains, blinds, bedcovers. Very economical
for single-width curtains: one length cut down the centre
makes one pair of curtains!

Composition: 100% cototn

Our Price per metre: £24.00
Sale Price per metre: £20.00

Width: 280cms, but pattern joins at 220cms
Pattern Repeat: 63cms

Estimated quantity available:  5.5 metres

COLOURS:  Screen colour settings vary considerably - your screen may not be displaying an accurate representation of the fabric's true colour.
We recommend you request a sample prior to ordering - WE WILL RESERVE THE FABRIC FOR 5 DAYS FROM POSTING YOUR SAMPLE.
Up to 3 samples are provided free of charge.  Please contact us if you would like help choosing the most suitable fabrics for your project

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